Our injection foam insulation when installed in a standard 2×4 wall can reach up to a value of R-16 and R-26 in a 2×6 wall. Compared to the R-13 value of a standard batting insulation in a 2×4 wall or R-21 of a 2×6 wall.

Inject-A-Foam injection insulation holds a Class 1 Fire rating at a 4 inch thickness. This is added protection in case of an emergency. Our injection insulation can decrease the spread of a fire through the walls of your home and protect the structural integrity. 

Unlike standard batting insulation, our injection insulation helps protect the inner part of your home from retaining moisture. Our formula contains less water and fills the wall cavity completely, meaning less moisture in your walls which can lead to the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. 

Unlike Standard batting insulation, our injection foam insulation formulation is a natural insecticide. Not only will your investment in upgraded insulation make your home more energy efficient, but it will effectively eliminate pest infestations like: 

  • spiders
  • mice
  • bees
  • wasps
  • lady bugs

Our injection foam insulation completely fills in the entire wall cavity including around obstacles like pipes, electrical wiring, even existing insulation to ensure your walls are fully insulated. 

Injection Foam Insulation reduces outside noise by up to 80%. It’s an upgrade that you’ll notice instantly. 

Unlike loose fill or batted insulation, our injection foam insulation won’t sag or settle in your walls creating open pockets of un-insulated walls. Injection foam insulation creates an air tight layer that creates an energy efficient, comfortable home. Inject-A-Foam is formulated with chemical cross linkers that create a more dense insulation that is resistant to shrinking or sagging over time. Compared to other injection foam insulation, Inject-A-Foam was tested and shown to shrink less than 0.5%  vs our competitors at 2% or more. 

The lifespan of standard loose fill or batted insulation is only around 20 – 30 years with ineffectiveness beginning around 10 – 15 years of age. Unless you’re planning on completely renovating your home every decade, these types of insulation aren’t the best option. With Inject-A-Foam injection foam insulation filling your entire wall cavity with minimal shrinkage your home will stay well insulated and energy efficient for years on end. 

Injection foam insulation isn’t necessarily a new idea, but like many other things it has been improved over the years. Our special formulation does not leave an unpleasant odor or pose any health risks to homeowners. It’s also biodegradable making it safe for the environment. 

Inject-A-Foam makes every effort to ensure our customers are receiving the best quality products and professional services. Our specific injection foam insulation formulation has been approved by Energy Star to ensure its quality without impacting functionality all while trying to minimize our carbon footprint. With an Energy Star Approved product it’s easy to see we are serious about making your home as energy efficient as possible.

What would you do with up to half of your utility bill back in your pocket? More efficient insulation like injection foam insulation completely seals your exterior walls making it easier to heat and cool your home. This results in lower heating and cooling bills on a monthly basis. 

Inject-A-Foam offers financing options to help you afford your injection foam insulation upgrade. Add this to the $2,000 incentive from Focus On Energy and the savings on your monthly bills… it’s a no brainer! Contact us using the form to the right and let us show you how affordable re-insulating your home can be!  



  1. Existing Siding Is Removed
  2.  Holes Are Drilled Into Existing Wall
  3. Inject-A-Foam Is Inserted Into Wall Cavities
  4. Plug Holes And Replace Siding
Foam Insulation Comparison Chart